On-Demand Webinar: Building a secure smart lighting system

Smart lighting is so much more than energy saving. Many building owners, operators and facility managers are using smart lighting systems as the infrastructure to enable building automation and gather space utilization data.

However, before you get to collet and analyze those data, you first need to build a secure smart lighting system. Typically, that involves the following steps:

  • Create devices with the right OS, security credentials, connectivity agent and a boot loader
  • Connect the devices to the cloud through the protocol of your choice
  • Manage the devices over their lifetime including transfer of ownership, remote firmware updates, monitoring device health, and more
  • And finally, ingest, orchestrate and transform device data, and integrate it with non-IoT data before you can analyze, visualize and gain actional insights

This webinar will discuss the 4 key considerations for building a secure smart lighting system