Webinar On-demand

SJ Consulting discusses the driving forces for greater supply chain visibility

As brick-and-mortar stores looking to add same-day delivery to its digital presence, they are quietly going through a transformation. Retail stores are becoming warehouses where pick-and-pack happens, and personal delivery services have the potential to become a pick-pack-deliver fulfillment arm.

Both changes require shift in business models, and more importantly, they require a digital supply chain and real-time asset visibility—enabled by IoT technologies that deliver a seamless experience between the store, the delivery service, and the consumer.

In this webcast, Arm and SJ Consulting will provide insights into:

  • The competitive landscape of grocery delivery, and consequent changes in supply chain technology requirements
  • The blurring line between store and warehouse, and key considerations for ensuring asset visibility
  • Maintaining security throughout the supply chain