Which technology has the biggest impact? What’s being left behind?

Amazon’s rise has triggered profound changes in the retail, transportation, and logistics industries. To remain competitive, players in these industries are investing heavily in technology to transform their operations. And recognizing that physical stores can be an asset, forward-thinking retailers are optimizing the customer experience through an omnichannel, data-driven approach.

Download the SJ Consulting report and read up on forecasts in areas such as:

  • The omnichannel customer journey: In-store data meets digital data
  • Supply chain visibility: The transition to a more accurate, less labor-intensive operation
  • Last mile fulfillment: Finding efficiencies while delivering faster

This report is based on interviews with business and technology executives at many of the world’s leading retail, transportation and logistics companies, including FedEx, JD.com, CVS and DHL. They shared insights with SJ Consulting on technologies they’re exploring and what’s being left behind.