How to Achieve Trusted Factory Provisioning: Removing Complexity, Instilling Security and Scalability in IoT Devices

The unprecedented growth in IoT (Internet of Things) deployments are a growing target for cybercriminals; exposing individuals, their data and their infrastructure to risk if the threat of attack remains unaddressed.

A device manufactured without security remains insecure for the remainder of its working life regardless of the management, updates and security measures that follow. Injecting credentials on to a single device can mitigate this risk, but the ability to scale device identity to millions of devices is key to maintaining the balance between efficiency and security. Our latest guide details how:

  • To reduce complexity, whilst introducing scalability and security in IoT deployments
  • IoT platforms can help configure and instil trust in factory lines and server communications
  • To configure devices with a trusted identity, forming the basis of a secure lifecycle and trusted updates