How can I optimize my workload for Arm servers?

Tuning Guides for cloud workloadsResource Type
Improving Java performance on Neoverse N1 systems Blog
Spark on AWS Graviton2 best practices K-Means clustering case study Blog
Learn how to Tune MySQL Learning Path
Learn how to Tune PostgreSQL Learning Path
Learn how to tune Nginx Learning Path
Learn how to tune Envoy Learning Path
Learn how to tune Redis Learning Path
DPDK Tuning Guide Documentation

How can I migrate my application to Arm?

Migration GuidesResource Type
Migrating applications to Arm servers Learning Path
Migrating to AWS Graviton with AWS container services Video

How does Arm Neoverse performance compare?

Performance GuidesResource Type
Nginx Performance on AWS Graviton3 Blog
Optimized Video Encoding with FFmpeg on AWS Graviton Processors Blog
AWS Graviton3 delivers leading AES-GCM encryption performance Blog
Performance improvement of XGBoost and LightGBM when deploying on AWS Graviton3 Blog
AWS Graviton3 featuring Arm Neoverse V1 is up to 1.8x faster than x86 for deep learning inference workloads Blog
Amazon EMR on EKS gets up to 19% performance boost running on AWS Graviton3 Processors vs. Graviton2 Blog
Numerical weather prediction on AWS Graviton2 Blog
Bringing WRF up to speed with Arm Neoverse Blog

Which key libraries and frameworks are optimized for Arm?

Optimized LibrariesResource Type
Improving Java performance on Neoverse N1 systems Blog
Improving Java performance on OCI Ampere A1 compute instances Blog
Java Vector API on AArch64 Blog
Optimizing Java Workloads on Azure General Purpose D-series v5 VMs with Microsoft’s Build of OpenJDK Blog
Arm64 Performance Improvements in .NET 7 Blog
Improving performance of PHP for Arm64 and impact on AWS Graviton2 based EC2 instances Blog
Improve video encoding price/performance by up to 36% with Arm Neoverse based Amazon EC2 C6g instances Blog
OCI Ampere A1 Compute instances can significantly reduce video encoding costs versus modern CPUs Blog
Reduce H.265 High-Res Encoding Costs by over 80% with AWS Graviton2 Blog
Ampere Altra Max Delivers Sustainable High-Resolution H.265 Encoding Blog
Arm-based cloud instances outperform x86 instances by up to 64% on VP9 encoding Blog
Comparing data compression algorithm performance on AWS Graviton2 Blog
AWS Graviton3 delivers leading AES-GCM encryption performance Blog
Deep learning inference performance on the Yitian 710 Blog

How can I run machine learning and AI application on Arm?

ML and AIResource Type
Optimized PyTorch 2.0 inference with AWS Graviton processors Blog
Accelerate NLP inference with ONNX Runtime on AWS Graviton processors Blog

Which noSQL databases run on Arm?

Key noSQL databasesResource Type
MongoDB performance on Arm Neoverse based AWS Graviton2 processors Blog
Increase performance by up to 30% by deploying Apache Cassandra on AWS Graviton2 Blog
Gain up to 30% Cost-Performance benefits for Apache Kafka on AWS Graviton2 Processors Blog
Optimize your Elasticsearch deployment with Arm-based Amazon EC2 M6g instances Blog
Memcached performance benchmarking on AWS Graviton2 reveals over 50% price-performance gains Blog
Improve etcd performance up to 18% by deploying on AWS Graviton2 Blog
Gain up to 35% performance benefits for deploying Redis on AWS Graviton2 Blog
Tune it Up: Improving Redis Performance for Ampere A1 on Oracle Linux in OCI Blog
Improve Redis performance up to 36% by deploying on Alibaba Cloud Yitian 710 instances Blog
Benchmarking the AWS Graviton2 with KeyDB – M6g up to 65% faster Blog
Making Pelikan fly on Arm: Diving deeper into our adventures with Tau T2A VMs Blog