In this learning path you will learn how to improve the performance of your apps and games by using Unity’s Burst compiler and Neon intrinsics. You will use the Profiler and Analyzer tools to measure and compare performance between unoptimized, Burst compiler and Neon intrinsic versions of the provided sample code.

Install Unity with Android build support

This learning path requires Unity with Android build support. You can either follow the steps on the Unity download page or follow the learning path Get started with Unity on Android .

Install the sample project

We will be using the same Unity project that was used in the Profiling Unity apps on Android learning path. It contains detailed download instructions if you need help. Here’s a summary:

  1. Create a new 3D URP project from the Unity Hub

  2. Open your new project in Unity

  3. Go to the Unity Asset Store in a browser, download and install the sample project Optimizing Collisions with Burst and Neon Intrinsics

  4. Allow the importer to overwrite existing project settings