MTE Test Application

MTE_test.apk is an application that implements the most common types of memory bugs. By pressing any button on the application shown below, you can execute code containing a memory bug. If MTE is enabled on your device, MTE will detect the memory violation and make the application crash. You can then retrieve a bug report. This report contains useful information to identify the cause of the crash and where it happened.

Image Alt Text:alt-text-2MTE test application implementing most common memory bugs.

Installing the MTE Test Application

Follow the steps below to install MTE_test.apk on your Google Pixel 8:

  • Navigate to this repository . Open the “apk” folder and click on “MTE_test.apk” file. Use the download icon on the right to download the apk to your desktop machine.

  • Connect your Pixel 8 to the USB port.

  • Open a console and change the directory cd to where you downloaded the apk.

  • Execute the command adb devices. The console should display the list of attached devices.

  • Execute the command adb install MTE_test.apk. The console should display that the apk has been installed successfully.

  • You should now see the Android icon of the app with the name MTE_test on your phone.