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Arm-based processors are widespread in the smartphone industry. Almost all modern smartphones have Arm-based CPUs and you can look at a device’s specification to see if it has an Arm Mali or Arm Immortalis GPU.

However, to get the best out of smartphones, you will want tools such as Arm Performance Studio for Mobile to help optimize performance of mobile applications. Different mobile devices offer differing levels of performance analysis, depending on the CPU and GPU used.

Processors implemented by Arm will have access to the full list of performance counters specified in the technical reference manual. For other vendor implementations, only the architecturally-defined counters are guaranteed to be available.

Graphics profiling supports any Arm GPU from the Mali-T700 series or later. The Mali-400 series (Utgard family) and Mali-T600 series (first generation Midgard family) products are not supported.

Refer to the supported list of devices to find devices with Arm CPU implementations and Mali GPUs that are confirmed to work well with Arm Performance Studio for Mobile.