Streamline as supplied with Arm Mobile Studio supports Android application profiling only.

For other use cases, use the version supplied as a component of Arm Development Studio .

Example Streamline report

To help you understand the capabilities of Streamline, an example report is provided with Arm Mobile Studio.

Open the IDE, and navigate the menu to File > Import, and select Import Streamline Sample Captures. Click Next. Image Alt Text: Import

Import Streamline Sample Captures

Select the example to import, and click Finish. Image Alt Text: Samples

Select sample captures

Double-click on the report in Streamline Data, then click Analyze when prompted. The report will be processed, and an interactive timeline will be shown. Image Alt Text: Timeline

Streamline Timeline

Analyze the capture

The captured data can manually explored. Calipers in the timeline view allow you to focus on particular windows of activity. A full description of the capabilities is given in the Streamline User Guide .

Understanding the output of Streamline is key to the usefulness of Streamline. Android performance triage with Streamline describes how to understand the capture from a number of points of view, depending on what information you are trying to extract from it.