Now that you have seen an Arm Streamline example capture , you can use it to capture data from your own application.

Select the device and application in Streamline

  1. In the Streamline Start view, select Android (adb) as your device type, then select your device from the list of detected devices. This installs the gatord daemon and connects to the device.

  2. Wait for the list of available packages to populate, then select the one you wish to profile.

  3. With Capture Arm GPU profile selected, Streamline will detect the Arm GPU in the device, and select an appropriate counter template for it. Alternatively, to choose a different template or to build your own configuration, select Use advanced mode and click Configure counters.

    Image Alt Text:Connect to device Connect to the device


Optionally, you can set a preferred location to store your captures using Window > Preferences > Data Locations. New reports will be created in the topmost folder specified.

Capture data

  1. Click Start capture to start capturing profile data from the device. Enter a name and location for the capture file.

  2. The application starts automatically on the device. Interact with the application as desired for the profiling run you wish to do.

  3. When you have collected enough data, click Stop capture. Image Alt Text:Stop capture Stop Capture

Streamline will stop capturing data, remove the daemon, and process the captured data.

Analyze the results

The charts in the Timeline view show the performance counter activity captured from the device. Hover over the charts to see the values at that point in time. Use the Calipers to focus on particular windows of activity. Refer to the Streamline User Guide for full instructions on how to use the features in the Timeline view.

Understanding the output of Streamline is key to the usefulness of Streamline. The documentation for Android performance triage with Streamline on Arm Developer describes how to understand the capture from a number of points of view, depending on what information you are trying to extract from it.