Performance Advisor creates an easy-to-read report from a Streamline capture. This helps you quickly understand how your Android application performed on a mobile device.

Generate a performance report

The supplied Arm Streamline example capture can be used to generate a Performance Advisor report.

  1. Open a terminal, and navigate to the location of the imported capture.

  2. Run the streamline-cli command with the -pa option on the Streamline capture file (.apc):

                streamline-cli -pa "Android - GPU Bound Example.apc"

    The capture is processed, and a html report generated. Warnings shown can be ignored for now:

            Importing capture...
    Fetching data...
    Preparing report type html...
    Processing data...
    Generating report type html...
    Report performance_advisor-<timestamp>.html" successfully generated

    Open the report in a browser and explore the report. Image Alt Text:Performance Advisor Performance Advisor report

Evaluate the report

Refer to the Performance Advisor tutorial for a detailed explanation about the charts in the report.