What is ThirdAI?

ThirdAI is a multi-purpose library that provides a high-level API to build machine learning models.

It provides APIs to support common machine learning problems, such as:

  • Text classification and NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  • Search and recommendation.
  • Time-series forecasting and predictions.
  • Tabular classification.
  • Graph classification.

Learning Path Overview

This Learning Path shows you how to use ThirdAI’s library for text classification tasks on your Arm servers.

Specifically, the Learning Path shows you how to perform the following tasks:

  • Download a sentiment classification dataset using the Hugging Face datasets library.
  • Format the data for the model to understand.
  • Create a UniversalDeepTransformer, and configure it for text classification.
  • Train the model and print the training metrics.
  • Save the model to sentiment_analysis.model for further deployment.