Before you begin

You will need 7 physical Arm machines or cloud instances with Ubuntu/Debian installed. Make sure ports 8080, 2888, 3888, 2181 and 9092 are open in the security group of the IP addresses for these machines.

Introduction to Kafka

Kafka is an event streaming platform. It is a distributed system consisting of servers and clients that communicate via a high-performance TCP network protocol. It can be deployed on bare-metal hardware, virtual machines, and containers in on-premise as well as cloud environments. The Getting Started Guide is a great resource to learn more about Kafka.

Introduction to Zookeeper

Zookeeper is an open sourced project that provides a centralized service for maintenance of configuration information, naming and group services. It is used by a cluster or a group of nodes to share data. Kafka is built to use Zookeeper to coordinate tasks.


In this Learning Path, you will deploy 3 of the Arm machines as Kafka nodes, 3 machines as Zookeeper nodes and one machine as a client node. A diagram of the setup is shown below. For a simpler single node setup, follow the Kafka quick start guide .

Image Alt Text:kafka

Install Java:

Install Java on all 7 nodes.


            sudo apt install -y default-jdk