Server hardware, based on Arm Neoverse processors, is available from cloud service providers (CSPs) and server vendors.

Cloud Service Providers

Creating an account with a cloud service provider (CSPs) is the easiest way to get started with Arm. CSPs offer introductory free credits to start learning cloud services. A pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to try out Arm hardware at little to no cost.

Software developers often try Arm hardware as a way to reduce cost and improve application performance.

Cloud providers offer Arm instances based on Neoverse processors. For example:

Free tier offers are currently available.

Get started with Arm-based cloud service platforms explains how to create an account and start an Arm virtual machine using the cloud service providers listed above.

Works on Arm (free cloud resources)

The Works on Arm initiative enables developers to build, test, and optimize projects on the Arm64 architecture by providing free access to Arm based developer platforms, cloud instances, and CI/CD environments. Arm has partnered with cloud service providers to make Neoverse compute available to developers.

Consider applying for Arm resources on an Equinix Cluster .

Arm SystemReady Certified hardware

Arm SystemReady is a program that certifies that systems meet the SystemReady standards, giving confidence that operating systems (OS) and subsequent layers of software just work.

You can find a full list of SystemReady SR Certified Systems on the Arm website along with links to purchase Arm servers.

Server software development

Servers typically run the Linux operating system. Popular distributions for servers include Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE Linux, and Debian. Vendor specific distributions, such as Amazon Linux and Oracle Linux are also available.

If the GNU compiler is not pre-installed with your distribution, you can install it using a package manager .

You may also wish to install Arm Compiler for Linux for HPC applications.

Migrating applications to Arm servers is a good place to start analyzing existing applications and reviewing guidance for developers interested in trying Arm hardware.