Adoption of the Arm architecture in servers and cloud computing is increasing. You may be looking for guidance on developing software for Arm or migrating existing applications to Arm.

Server vendors and cloud service providers use Arm Neoverse processors to create predictable performance, high scalability, and power efficiency for data center and on-premises deployments.

Arm Neoverse processors perform a wide range of complex computing tasks and are designed for server and cloud workloads. Neoverse outperforms traditional processors across a broad range of workloads. Web serving, video encode, caching, data analytics and streaming, and ML all run on Arm.

Arm Neoverse also plays a leading role in smart NICs and DPUs for offloading networking, security, and storage as well as in 5G networking.

Developers select Arm Neoverse for a variety of reasons:

  • Higher performance
  • Lower cost
  • Lower energy usage
  • Increased security

The Arm ecosystem offers a wide range of software support, and the majority of software you use is available on Arm.

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