You will now push the local Docker image to the registry you created in Azure.

Pushing the local image to Azure

Start by opening the WSL console, where you type:


            sudo docker images

This command will display the list of local Docker images (we display this to have all the necessary information, like the image name and tag available). Then, we need to tag the local image with the fully qualified name of the container registry (login server) we created in Azure. To display the fully qualified name of the registry, we type:


            az acr list -o table

Subsequently, we tag the image using the login server:


            sudo docker tag people.webapp:v1

The last command does not provide any output. To ensure the local image was correctly tagged, we type (Figure 22):


            sudo docker images

Image Alt Text:command prompt#leftFigure 22. Tagging a local Docker image

Finally, we push the image to the remote registry. We proceed as follows:

  1. In the WSL terminal, we type:

            sudo az login
  1. Then open and use the code provided by the above command.

  2. Login to Azure Container Registry:


            sudo az acr login -n people
  1. Push the image:

            sudo docker push

To confirm the image was pushed, type:


            az acr repository show -n people --repository people.webapp -o table

The output from the commands above is shown here: Image Alt Text:command prompt#leftFigure 23. Pushing a Docker image to the Azure Container Registry


This part of the tutorial taught you how to create the container registry in Microsoft Azure and push the local Docker image to the remote repository. Along the way, you learned how to work with Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI) to create and manage resources in Azure.