Project conversion on the command line using vcpkg

vcpkg is a free C/C++ package manager for acquiring and managing libraries. It runs on all platforms, build systems, and work flows. it is maintained by the Microsoft C++ team and open source contributors.

In your favorite terminal application, change to the directory containing the uvprojx-based project.

  1. If you have not done it before, install vcpkg (otherwise continue to step 2):

       curl -LO && .\vcpkg-init.cmd
       iex (iwr -useb
       . < (curl -L)
  2. Initialize vcpkg:

       . ~/.vcpkg/vcpkg-init.ps1
       . ~/.vcpkg/vcpkg-init
  3. Update the Arm vcpkg registry (this will give you access to tools hosted by Arm):

                vcpkg x-update-registry arm
  4. Enable the uv2csolution conversion tool:

                vcpkg use uv2csolution
  5. Run the conversion (in this example, the project is called MyProject.uvprojx):

                uv2csolution MyProject.uvprojx

    This step generates the following files:

    • MyProject.csolution.yaml
    • MyProject.cproject.yaml
    • vcpkg-configuration.json
  6. Activate the vcpkg configuration (this will install all required tools on your machine):

                vcpkg activate
  7. Get an MDK-Community license:

                armlm activate -product KEMDK-COM0 -server
  8. [Optional] Check your license:

                armlm inspect
  9. Build the project:

                cbuild MyProject.csolution.yaml --update-rte

    A successful project build will end with:

            Program size: Code=... RO-data=... RW-data=... ZI-data=...
    info cbuild: build finished successfully!