Project conversion in Keil Studio

  1. In VS Code, go to File - Open Folder and select the folder containing the uvprojx file (here Blinky.uvprojx).

  2. Once the folder is open in VS Code, right-click the uvprojx file and select Convert µVision project to csolution:

    Image Alt Text:Convert project

  3. The following files (and more) are generated:

    • Blinky.csolution.yaml
    • Blinky.cproject.yaml
    • vcpkg-configuration.json
  4. The Output window shows a successful conversion:

    Image Alt Text:Successful conversion

  5. The vcpkg configuration file is automatically activated. You notice an active “Environment” configuration in the Status Bar at the bottom:

    Image Alt Text:vcpkg activated

  6. Click on the CMSIS icon in the Activity Bar. The Primary Side Bar changes and shows the CONTEXT, SOLUTION, and ACTIONS for the project.

  7. In the ACTIONS section, click on Build:

    Image Alt Text:CMSIS build

  8. The cbuild task starts. A successful project build will end with:

            Program size: Code=... RO-data=... RW-data=... ZI-data=...
    info cbuild: build finished successfully!
    Build complete