You are now ready to build the code and run it on the target hardware.

Compile the code

Click the Build button to compile source code, and link together.

Image Alt Text:Build

Run and debug the code on the target

If running the code from Flash on the board, ensure your board is connected to your host machine. Click Download to load it onto the Flash memory on the board.

This step is not necessary if using the VHT target, or running code from SRAM.

Image Alt Text:Flash


Once flashed onto the board, you can start a debug session.

Image Alt Text:Debug

Open the Call Stack + Locals tab in the IDE. This will show the value of the variables a and b.

Image Alt Text:CallStack

Step through the program and notice how the values of a and b change.

Image Alt Text:Callstack2

You will see the string “Hello world!” copy to b, and then be capitalized.

Image Alt Text:CallStack3