Evaluation boards (also known as starter kits) are available from various Arm partners to support their devices. They are used for early software development, prototyping, and demonstration. They come in a wide variety of feature sets and price points. They are typically used stand-alone as provided.

Other boards, often referred to as edge computing boards or modules, or as single board computers (SBCs), can be directly used in a final product. These boards typically have a small form-factor so as to be easily designed into commercial products. Debug interfaces, and other features beneficial for early software may not be available.

Microcontrollers based on Arm Cortex-M processors are available from various Arm partners. The selection is very broad. The Keil MDK device database lists 9000+ such devices that are supported by this toolchain.

Arm Keil also provides a database of Cortex-M boards and devices along with example software projects.

Purchase development boards

Boards can be purchased from the vendors directly, or more commonly from their distribution networks. Some such distributors include:

Other vendors providing such boards include:

Please add your favorite vendors and distributors to the lists.

Boards used in Learning Paths