For testing, use a custom python tool for sending images to the board. The tool is provided by STMicroelectronics.

Anaconda setup

Return to your Anaconda Prompt, or start a new session and activate your environment for the lab.


            conda activate ml_lab

Install necessary packages to run the tool.


             python -m pip install -U opencv-python protobuf==3.20 tqdm==4.50.2

Test model

Navigate to the working folder, and then the Misc folder. Execute the tool with:



If the board is not detected, click the black button on the board to reset, then click on Refresh NN and camera.

  • The testing tool has been written with X-CUBE-AI 7.0.0. Later versions may not connect successfully.
  • Ensure that the serial port, which uses the same interface, is not connected to terminal application.

Select the model network from the list of models deployed on the board.

Image Alt Text:output9

Select the network and the label file (Data/labels/cifar10_labels.txt)

Image Alt Text:output10

Open an image to test. The tool will automatically launch a new pane, and show the inference result.

Observe that the model correctly predicted the label. In addition, note the time taken to finish the prediction.

Image Alt Text:output11

You can also use your workstation camera to test image classification. Hold an appropriate picture up to your camera, then press S. The tool captures the image and sends it to the board.

Image Alt Text:output12

You have now successfully ran the model on your STM32 board.