In this section, you will launch the application using different settings to compare matrix multiplication computation times.

Launching the application

To run the application, use the dropdown lists in Visual Studio:

Image Alt Text:fig7

Ensure you change the ‘Configuration mode’ to ‘Release’. Then, select the architecture, either ‘x64’ or ‘ARM64’, and click on ‘Arm64.WinUIApp (Package)’.

Compare the performance

Now, you will compare the computation performance on x64 and ARM64 platforms. First, launch the application for x64. After it starts, perform calculations for the following matrix sizes: 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. The results should resemble those in the figure below:

Image Alt Text:fig8

Next, launch the application for the ARM64 platform. Execute matrix multiplication for the same matrix sizes as above and note the computation times:

Image Alt Text:fig9

Upon comparing the execution times, it is seen that ARM64, on average, provides almost a 50% performance improvement over x64.


In this learning path, you have learned how to develop a WinUI 3 application and run it in different modes (x64 and Arm64) to compare the performance in matrix multiplication tasks. This comparison was essential to understand the efficiency and speed of execution in different architectural settings.