Further Context

In this Learning Path, you discover how to configure and use an Arm64 runner that builds a .NET application for Arm64. Additionally, the CI/CD pipeline you create generates an Arm64 Docker image of the application and then pushes the image to a Docker Hub repository.

Before completing this Learning Path you can complete the Hello World example , which provides a basic “hello world” scenario.

You will extend that knowledge here with a comprehensive set of operations critical for real-world application deployment:

  1. Environment Set up: There are detailed steps on preparing the self-hosted runner with the necessary tools such as .NET SDK and Docker, which are essential for building real applications, not just running simple scripts.

  2. Complex Workflow Configuration: This Learning Path demonstrates how to use GitHub Actions to manage complex workflows involving multiple jobs and steps, along with job dependencies, which are crucial for sophisticated CI/CD pipelines.

  3. Building and Deployment: This learning path shows how to build an ASP.NET application, create a Docker image of the application, and then push this image to a Docker repository on DockerHub.

  4. Security Practices: There is information on the best practices for security by using GitHub secrets to securely store and retrieve credentials necessary for DockerHub, ensuring sensitive information is handled securely.