Find Arm Hardware

Desktops and laptops, based on the Arm architecture, are available with different operating systems including Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux.


Windows Dev Kit 2023 is for software developers creating Windows applications for Arm.

Windows on Arm laptops can also be used for software development.


Chromebooks with Arm processors can also be used for software development. The Lenovo Duet 3 and Duet 5 are popular detachable Chromebooks.


Both Windows and ChromeOS have a Linux subsystem which can be used for software development tasks. Read WSL for Windows on Arm to learn more.

Some single board computers have enough performance to implement Linux based desktop computers. The Pinebook Pro and the Raspberry Pi 400 are examples.

Cloud-based Virtual Machines

A popular alternative to using local hardware is to use a virtual machine in the cloud. Most cloud service providers offer Arm-based instances.

Read Get started with Servers and Cloud Computing to learn more.