About this Learning Path

Who is this for?

This is an introductory project for developers interested in integrating a Chatbot (namely ChatGPT) into Raspberry Pi projects.

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this learning path, you will be able to:

  • Run a bot on a Raspberry Pi that will listen to you and respond to what you say
  • Learn how to listen for a keyword and wake a program when the keyword is heard
  • Convert speech from the microphone to text using Google Speech Recognition
  • Send text created from speech to ChatGPT's gpt-4-turbo-preview model via API and receive a text reply
  • Convert the text reply to speech using ChatGPT's text-to-speech model via API
  • Play the received speech file


Before starting, you will need the following:

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 or 5 (earlier models may also work)
  • A microSD card with at least 16GB of storage
  • A Linux compatible USB microphone and USB speakers or a USB audio device with a microphone and speakers