Download and run the image classification Docker container

Run the command below to download and run the container:


            git clone --recursive --depth=1
cd jetson-inference

Learn some useful Docker commands

If you are not familiar with Docker, there are some useful commands you should know.

Run them in a terminal (not from inside the running container).

Get the Container ID

Print the ID of the container:


            sudo docker ps -q

The container ID is a hex number such as 174055df45cd

Copy files into and out of a Docker container

You can use the container ID to identify the container for copying files.

Copy to the container:


            # sudo docker cp foo.txt container_id:foo.txt
sudo docker cp ./jas.jpeg 174055df45cd:jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin/images/jas.jpeg

Copy from the container is the same, but in reverse:


            # sudo docker cp container_id:/foo.txt foo.txt
sudo docker cp 174055df45cd:jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin/images/test/jas-output.jpeg ./jas-output.jpeg

Stop and start the Docker container

To stop:


            sudo docker stop <container ID>

To start it up again:


            # inside the cloned jetson-inference directory