Deploy from Balena Hub

You can build and deploy your own custom applications on Balena OS, or use a pre-built application from Balena Hub .

As an example, you can deploy a Grafana dashboard from Balena Hub that will show the state of your Balena OS device.

Open Balena Hub in a new tab by clicking on the Balena Hub button on the top right corner of your Balena Cloud dashboard.

Image Alt Text:balena hub button

On the Balena Hub, click Apps in the top navigation bar, then search for balena-app. This is a pre-built dashboard backed by Grafana and served by Nginx.

Image Alt Text:balena-app page

Click on the app to open the details page.

Look for the Deploy button in the upper-right corner of the page.

Clicking this button will take you back to your Balena Cloud dashboard with a dialog to deploy balena-app to a fleet.

Image Alt Text:deploy balena-app

Select Use an existing fleet instead and choose the AVH-Testing fleet.

You don’t need to do any advanced configuration for this app. Click the Deploy to fleet button to begin the deployment.


If you have more than one device in your fleet, this process will deploy the selected application to all devices in your fleet simultaneously.

Once the deployment is finished, click on your device in Balena Cloud dashboard to open up the device page. You will see that the Grafana and Nginx services have been deployed to and are running on your device.

Image Alt Text:balena app running

You will also be able to see the system logs from your device, and optionally get access to the device’s terminal from this Balena Cloud screen.

Accessing your Grafana dashboard

Your application is now running, but it’s not accessible from the outside world. In order to view your Grafana dashboard in your browser, you will need to tell Balena to make your device accessible from a public URL.

Toggle the Public Device URL switch to the On position.

A link will appear next to the switch, click on it to open the newly created public URL.

Image Alt Text:balena-app login

This will open the balena-app on your device in your browser. You will be presented with a log in screen, use the default username admin and password admin to log in. You will be prompted to set a new password for the admin user before continuing.

Image Alt Text:balena-app dashboard

You now see the Grafana dashboard monitoring your Balena OS installation on this device, including the containers running Grafana and Nginx.