Diverse Devices, Numerous Connectivity Needs, No Limitations with Arm Technologies

Join us for a day full day of engaging presentations where we’ll be outlining the challenges and solutions required to take a large scale, commercial IoT project to market. Sharing key considerations for device development, connectivity technologies, deployment options, and lifecycle management, along with providing lots of opportunities for Q&A’s and networking.

The seminar is running in partnership with Alphatronics, where we will also spend time demystify the decision-making process for IoT device management, and discussing the strategies and considerations required when selecting the right connectivity technologies to deliver a secure, scalable, and sustainable device estate.

Date and Location

Paris, 19 Nov. 19 - Hilton Paris La Defense, 2 Place de la Défense, 92800 Puteaux, France

Price: Free

Seminar agenda

9:00 - 9:30
Registration and Breakfast

9:30 - 10:00
Capitalizing on IoT's promise: Arm Internet Services Group Pelion device-to-data IoT Platform – Arm

10:00 - 10:40
Transitioning your IoT device deployment from 2G to NB-IoT connectivity technology – Alphatronics

10:40 - 11:10
Coffee Break and Networking

11:10 - 12:00
An IoT platform operating system to solve your connectivity challenges – Mbed OS connectivity stacks – Arm

12:00 - 12:50

12:50 - 13:30
Key considerations when selecting the optimal connectivity for your use case – Arm

13:30 - 14:10
Managing IoT devices at scale regardless of the connectivity technology – Arm

14:10 - 14:50
Securing the communication channel for all IoT devices using Mbed TLS – Arm

14:50 - 15:30
Tethered IoT device; securely connecting constrained consumer devices using Pelion Device Management – Arm

Closing remarks

Key Takeaways

• How to secure your IoT device communications using TLS: free and state of the art protocol with high-quality open-source implementations available for embedded devices

• Learn the differences between various connectivity options and how to select the best for your IoT deployment.

• Deep dive to NB-IoT deployment and learn how you can save bandwidth, power and money without compromising your security

• Learn why choosing an IoT platform operating system gives you the flexibility to run your application over any connectivity technology with minimal effort

• Deploy your IoT solution with confidence and flexibility

• The knowledge and expertise to drive your own IoT initiatives to commercial success.

Who Is This Seminar Suitable For

CTOs, leaders of IoT teams handling device and deployment projects, solutions architects, and product managers.


Alphatronics is a Belgian manufacture specialized in developing access control systems, hardware and software.

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