About this Install Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running with this tool quickly with the most common settings. For a thorough review of all options, refer to the official documentation.

Arm Development tools are packaged as Arm Success Kits . These come in two forms:

  • Software Success Kits (SSK)
  • Hardware Success Kits (HSK)

SSKs contain all of the software development tools provided by Arm.

HSKs include SSK as well as additional tools for IP configuration and evaluation.

Arm Success Kits are a component of Arm Flexible Access .

Downloading Success Kit components

All downloads are provided via the Arm Product Download Hub .

For more information on the Download Hub, refer to the Arm Product Download Hub install guide .

You can download individual components, or the complete Success Kits.

Bundles are provided for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. Not all components are supported on all hosts.

Component installation and setup

User license setup

Install Arm Development Studio

Install Arm Compiler for Embedded

Install Arm Fast Models

Install Arm Socrates

Install Arm AMBA Viz


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