About this Install Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running with this tool quickly with the most common settings. For a thorough review of all options, refer to the official documentation.

Arm Socrates is a tool used to select, configure and create Arm IP for easy and error free integration into a System on Chip(SoC).

Download installer packages

Socrates is a component of Arm Hardware Success Kits .

It is available to download via the Arm Product Download Hub .

You can download Socrates as an individual standalone component, or you can download the complete success kits.

For more information on the Download Hub, refer to the Arm Product Download Hub install guide .


Arm Socrates requires a Linux machine running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Full specifications are given in the Installation Guide .

Extract the downloaded software and run the installer. For example:


            tar -xf socrates.tar.gz
./ARM-Socrates- --S --i-agree-to-the-contained-eula

Full installation instructions are provided in the Arm Socrates Installation Guide .

See also the output of:


            ./ARM-Socrates- --help

Set up the product license

Arm Socrates is license managed. License setup instructions are available in the Arm License install guide .

Configuration of some Arm IP products require a corresponding license for that IP.

Full details are provided in the Installation Guide , as well as the Release Notes provided within the downloaded tarball.

Update IP Catalog

You will need to update the IP Catalog within the IDE for the first usage.

A short-cut should pop-up, else navigate the menu to Window > Preferences > IP Catalog > Updates, and click Check for updates.

Click Install IP Catalog Updates if needed.

Click Apply and Close when complete.

Get started

To check Socrates has installed correctly, use the socrates.sh command or double‑click the Socrates icon.

You can run socrates.sh directly from the installation location, through an alias to the installation location, or you can add the installation location to your path variable.

There is an Installation Health Check script provided that runs the first time that you start the software, or the first time that you run a new version. The script checks that all required dependencies are installed and identifies any common installation problems.

Arm has produced a series of videos to help new users get started and learn how to use the tool.
They are available on the Arm YouTube channel :


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