About this Install Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running with this tool quickly with the most common settings. For a thorough review of all options, refer to the official documentation.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Command Line Interface (OCI CLI) is a cross-platform command-line tool that can be installed locally on development computers. OCI CLI is used to connect to OCI and execute administrative commands on OCI resources.

It is available for a variety of operating systems and Linux distributions and has multiple ways to install it.

Before you begin

General installation information is available which covers all supported Linux distributions.

This install guide provides a quick solution to install OCI CLI for Ubuntu on Arm.

Confirm you are using an Arm machine by running:


            uname -m

The output should be:




If you see a different result, you are not using an Arm computer running 64-bit Linux.

Download and Install

The easiest way to install OCI CLI for Ubuntu on Arm is to use the install script.

You can run an automated install with default values or an interactive install to change the default values.

To run an an automated install with default values run:


            curl -o install.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oracle/oci-cli/master/scripts/install/install.sh
bash ./install.sh --accept-all-defaults

To run an interactive install that allows you to change default values run:


            bash -c "$(curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oracle/oci-cli/master/scripts/install/install.sh)"

Run the command below to add the oci command to your search path:


            source $HOME/.bashrc

Verify OCI CLI is installed using the --version option:


            oci --version

Configure OCI CLI using the setup config command:


            oci setup config

To complete the setup you will need your OCID and API key.

Log in to the OCI web console to access your OCID and API key.

Open the Profile menu and click Tenancy: <your_tenancy_name> to locate your OCID.

Image Alt Text:oci1

To locate your API KEYS open your profile and click API KEYS:

Image Alt Text:oci2 Click add API key, from there generate your API key pair

After a successful log in, you can use the OCI CLI and automation tools like Terraform from the terminal.


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