About this Install Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running with this tool quickly with the most common settings. For a thorough review of all options, refer to the official documentation.

Local License Server

A Local License Server (LLS) must first be set up by your license administration team.


A Software Success Kit is a subset of a Hardware Success Kit.

You should confirm which type of license is appropriate for your needs.

Activate license on end user machine

The UBL license can be activated on the end user machine in different ways. Select the most appropriate for your needs.

Activate via environment variable

Create ARMLM_ONDEMAND_ACTIVATION environment variable referencing the Success Kit product code and your internal UBL license server. Contact your internal license administrators for information on your internal server.



            export ARMLM_ONDEMAND_ACTIVATION=HWSKT-STD0@https://internal.ubl.server



            export ARMLM_ONDEMAND_ACTIVATION=SWSKT-STD0@https://internal.ubl.server

A license will be automatically checked out whenever a UBL enabled tool is run, for example:


            armclang --version

You can now confirm your license has been checked out .

Activate within tools IDE

The license can also be activated in the various Arm tool IDEs.

For example Arm Development Studio ), via Help > Arm License Manager > Manage Arm User-Based Licenses.

Select Activate with > License Server, and enter the appropriate license server address. Click Query to see what license types are available, and select the appropriate one from the pull down. Click Activate.

Activate manually

Open a command prompt, and navigate to the bin directory of any UBL enabled product.

Activate an appropriate success kit license with armlm:



            armlm activate --server https://internal.ubl.server --product HWSKT-STD0



            armlm activate --server https://internal.ubl.server --product SWSKT-STD0

Confirm license check-out

To confirm you have checked-out a license, enter the command:


            armlm inspect

You should see an output similar to:


        1 active product in your local cache:

Hardware Success Kit
    Product code: HWSKT-STD0
    Order Id: xxxxxxxx
    License valid until: 2023-12-31
    Local cache expires in: 6 days and 23 hours
    License server: https://internal.ubl.server


License refresh

Your license is cached on your local machine, and is valid for 7 days.

There will be an automatic attempt to refresh this timer on the first usage of a UBL enabled tool in a day. If that fails (for example, if tools are run whilst not connected to your network) the tools can still be used provided there is still time on the locally cached license.

To manually refresh the license, you can deactivate and reactivate your license (when connected to your network). For example:


            armlm deactivate --server https://internal.ubl.server --product SWSKT-STD0
armlm reactivate --server https://internal.ubl.server --product SWSKT-STD0

Verify that you have refreshed successfully with:


            armlm inspect


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