Most Arm commercial tools are license managed. Arm is migrating to user-based licensing (UBL) which greatly simplifies license configuration. It is available for Arm Success Kits .

Success kits are available as Hardware Success Kits (HSK) or Software Success Kits (SSK). See the table below for tooling provided. SSK is a subset of HSK.

With UBL, you have unlimited access to all components in the success kit you have enabled. The license is cached locally for up to 7 days, enabling remote or traveling users to access tools without connecting to their license server.

Starting any UBL enabled tool when the server is available will renew the license for 7 more days. This renewal attempt is performed once per 24 hours.

If the license is not renewed within 7 days, it is automatically returned to the pool of available licenses. When you next use a UBL licensed tool, it will automatically attempt to check out a new license.

User-based licensing can be managed with:

  • Local License Server (LLS), an internally managed license server, likely only accessible from your internal network or VPN.
  • Cloud License Server (CLS), a license server managed by Arm, accessible from anywhere.

Legacy product versions do not support UBL licensing and use FlexLM floating licensing instead. See the below table.

Arm Development ToolEarliest version supporting UBLSSKHSK
Arm Compiler for Embedded6.18XX
Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa
Arm Development Studio (Gold Edition)2022.0XX
Arm Development Studio (Platinum Edition)2022.aXX
Keil MDK5.37XX
Arm Fast Models11.17.1[1]X
Arm Socrates [2]1.7.0X
Arm Performance Models Library1.2X
AMBA Viz1.1.25X

[1] A license to run pre-built platforms, including Fixed Virtual Platforms, is provided with SSK. HSK license is necessary to build virtual platforms.

[2] Some functionality of Arm Socrates requires an appropriate Arm IP license , which may also require a floating license to be setup.

Select a specific tool for install instructions:

UBL Local License Server (LLS) Setup

UBL LLS End-user setup

UBL Cloud server setup

FlexNet Publisher Floating license setup