About this Install Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running with this tool quickly with the most common settings. For a thorough review of all options, refer to the official documentation.

Arm Keil Studio is the next generation software development environment for Arm Cortex-M based microcontroller devices. Keil Studio Cloud, a browser-based IDE for IoT, ML and embedded development accelerates your next project with zero-installation tools, ready-to-run examples, git integration and web debugging.

Keil Studio Cloud does not require any installation. To run the browser-based IDE, you need to use a Chromium -based browser (Chromium, Chrome, Edge, Brave, or Vivaldi).

Open Keil Studio Cloud

  1. Open your browser.

  2. Go to Keil Studio Cloud (Arm account required).

Get started

Get started with an Mbed OS Blinky example is a great way to start.


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