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The Internet of Things is implemented in many ways, but it is ultimately enabled by one: the Internet. All forms of connectivity must, at some point, conform to Internet Protocols, even those that are not IP-based, such as Bluetooth. This generally means some form of translation is required, often achieved using something called a Gateway. This can add complexity, as it is another network layer and, because of that, it can introduce latency between devices on the network, which can also be an issue.

Wireless communication technologies are fundamental to IoT product connectivity. With inherent support for true IPv6-based communication and mesh networking, 6LowPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 is an enabling technology with future-proofing built in. This hands-on guide to using 6LowPAN shows how simple it can be to connect and control almost anything across a 6LowPAN network and, subsequently, over the Internet.