Learn everything you ever wanted to know about eSIM and iSIM and the benefits they offer!

With accelerating development of Internet of Things and other connected devices, device makers, MNOs and IoT service providers face a growing need to replace the standard SIM with something smaller, more versatile, and more efficient.

This book introduces embedded SIMs (eSIMs) and integrated SIMs (iSIMs), two new forms of SIM that provide the services of traditional SIMs while offering enhanced security, reduced size, and remote provisioning capabilities.

What's inside?

  • Chapter 1: Introducing eSIM and iSIM
  • Chapter 2: Understanding remote SIM provisioning
  • Chapter 3: Looking at benefits
  • Chapter 4: Examining emerging markets
  • Chapter 5: Ensuring interoperability
  • Chapter 6: Ensuring security
  • Chapter 7: Eight takeaways
  • eSIM & iSIM glossary