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How to put Heavyweight IoT Security into a Lightweight Resource World

IoT device security demands a security architecture in which open source tools are complemented by additional hardware, software, and identity management infrastructure. IoT solution developers must establish device integrity and data encryption everywhere while dealing with new areas hackers can exploit. Some of the main challenges typical security solutions encounter on IoT devices are lack of space, lack of memory, and high power consumption that negatively impact performance or your ability to use technologies at all.

This webinar explores the capabilities of current open source tools, additional solution architecture requirements that must be addressed, what advanced IoT security means to protect data and devices from chip to cloud, and how to meet the demands of heavyweight security on lightweight, resource-constrained environments of IoT devices.


  • Grant Asplund, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, CENTRI Technology
  • William Adams, Sr. Director, Products and Customer Advocacy, CENTRI Technology
  • Reed Hinkel, Senior Manager, Embedded Security Market Development, Arm